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Pride 2015: Equality Without Exception

This year’s annual San Francisco Pride Parade, themed “Equality Without Exception”, was certainly one to make the celebration’s 45-year legacy proud: a record-breaking crowd of over one million people attended Sunday’s parade. In the wake of the Supreme Court’s landmark marriage equality ruling on Friday, hundreds of thousands of proud LGBTQ people and their allies hit [...]

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A Conversation with Broke-Ass Stuart in His Kitchen Nook

I stopped in Hayes Valley to get lunch before going to Broke-Ass Stuart‘s house—otherwise and legally known as Stuart Schuffman—to conduct an interview discussing the future of his mayoral campaign, the city of San Francisco, his other endeavors in doing dope shit, and to help promote the campaign launch party and fundraiser San Franpsycho is [...]

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Local Knowledge: Sutro Baths

119 years ago, the Sutro Baths opened as the world’s largest indoor swimming complex. Today only its ruins remain. Perched atop the westernmost point of Lands End, Sutro Baths is an idyllic San Francisco time capsule that should not be taken for granted. Back in 1895, Mayor Adolph Sutro spent $1 million of his personal money [...]

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Local Knowledge: Kezar Stadium

The NFL Season is upon us yet again, so it’s only appropriate to spotlight Kezar Stadium, the 49ers beloved original home, in this week’s Throwback Thursday post. Kezar officially opened in 1925 after the San Francisco Park Commission appropriated $300,000 for its construction, with the Mary Kezar estate gifting the city $100,000 of that sum. After [...]

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A Conversation with Down and Outlaws

A strong and fervent local music scene is not something strange to San Francisco. It has peaked and leveled, and it will inevitably continue to rise and fall. This being said, as of late, there has been a massive resurrection thriving throughout the current San Francisco music scene. Not unlike the 60s, the attitude, energy, [...]

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Local Knowledge: Golden Gate Park

What once was known as the Outside Lands, would come to be known as Golden Gate Park. Vast and looming in beauty, Golden Gate Park originated in 1860 on the cusp of what was then the western border of San Francisco. Before there was an actual Sunset District, there were billowing sand and shore dunes [...]

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A Conversation with Fritz Maytag: The Man Himself

When asked if I wanted to interview a brewmaster at Anchor Steam named Fritz Maytag, I simply thought “Hell yes!” The question was remarkably unassuming, and I figured Fritz was a younger gentleman who had been brewing at Anchor for a few years, and also just so happened to have a great name. Upon conducting [...]

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SFP x OSL: The Sam Chase

If you haven’t heard of the hard-hitting folk rock group The Sam Chase yet, I feel bad for you. With a voice like “a nun on the lam with a mouthful of cigarettes and curse words in a lonely bar,” and a masterly folk ensemble to match, the San Francisco group helmed by Sam Chase [...]

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One-on-One with Hannah Valente of The She’s

When Dennis Gonzalez, founder of the San Francisco Great Society, decided to organize the first Gathering of the Tribes Festivalat Public Works (this upcoming Sunday, September 13th), he wanted a really special lineup. After all, the festival is meant to celebrate the alive and thriving SF music scene that some have argued is already dead. [...]

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Local Knowledge: Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival

For a little over a decade, the first weekend in October has marked the annual Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival. Nestled in the heart of our ever-beautiful Golden Gate Park, the festival spans through the wooded dimples – Speedway Meadow and Hellman Hollow – between the slight hills and surrounding fields. The three-day music festival was founded [...]

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