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Custom Printing



So, you’re looking to get some shirts printed?!? OK, maybe some sweatshirts and tote bags? All of the above? And you’ve chosen to get them hand-printed in San Francisco, by one of the raddest print shops blocks away from Ocean Beach? (a wise decision).

Fortunately for you (and us), this page has all the info you’ll need to help us help you, broken down into a handy 4-step process. If you’ve still got questions at the end, be sure to shoot us an email!




What kind of garment are you looking to have printed?  Are these shirts going to be retail-quality tees for sale, or maybe some promo give-away tote bags? Answering these questions will help you in choosing the appropriate blank, often both the biggest quality and price determining aspect of the print job. As we are a small shop juggling production for our own brand,  we ask for 50 pc. minimum orders as to ensure the cost-effectiveness of the order.

If you need some ideas of what can be printed, check out the websites of some of our more popular wholesale suppliers & local distributors to get a sense of what’s available:

 Bella Canvas       Apparel Source      GS Activewear 



artbadge.jpgARTWORK + DESIGN

Already have a design?

- Great! Designs must be submitted as vector artwork [.ai] with colors separated by layers, or hi-res [300+ DPI] .pdf or .psd image files. We'll then make a digital mock-up (at no extra cost!) to confirm size + placement. (Also note max artwork size for a standard screen is 12in. x 16in, though larger screens are available). 

Need some help?

- Also Great! We do offer in-house graphic design if you’d like us to alter logos, scan previous designs, separate colors, make tags, or come up with something totally new from scratch!  Send us an email to describe your project + get the ball rolling! 



There are three main types of ink that we use, each with its own benefits & drawbacks:

Plastisol - the typical go-to standard, plastisol is great for making bright colors pop on dark garments, as well as holding super-fine details. (Pantone color matching available upon request)

Water-based - a very soft feel after washing, yet is a little less opaque than plastisol, and lighter colors may require flash drying on dark garments.

Discharge - the “softest” ink available, after washing the application becomes nearly indistinguishable from the garment, yet due to the nature of this ink it is only available on 100% cotton garments and has a slight price increase. 



1 color $2.40 $1.65 $1.20 $0.85 $0.75  
2 color $3.40 $2.65 $2.20 $1.85 $1.50  
3 color $4.40 $3.45 $2.75 $2.40 $2.00  
4 color $5.40 $4.00 $3.25 $2.90 $2.50  
5 color $6.40 $4.65 $3.75 $3.40 $3.00  


Puff Additive $0.30
Discharge Ink $0.25
Flash Drying $0.25
Foil Adhesion $3.00





Arguably the most important part of the process, we want you to have your awesome, newly printed goods as much as you do!

 A 50% deposit (to cover cost of garments) is expected upon confirmation job details, so we can order blanks + begin printing. The remaining balance is expected upon completion. Preferred check or money order. 


*please note 3-4 week turn-around time for trucker hats, beanies, and other customized headwear*


14 Days 0%
10 Days 25%
5 Days 35%
3 Days 50%



We’re a small business too, and understand that daily life can be hectic. The best way to make sure the printing process goes smoothly is to be open and get in touch with any questions/comments/concerns you may have. Feel free to give a call at (415) 564-1000, or shoot an email to customs@sanfranpsycho.com.

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