Psycho Sessions: Hungry Skinny

Posted by Kelly Taylor on Apr 12th 2016

Psycho Sessions: Hungry Skinny

We’re stoked to debut Psycho Sessions, our new monthly video series spotlighting some of our favorite local bands making waves in the city. The first volume of Psycho Sessions features none other than Hungry Skinny, the four-piece SF-based rock ‘n’ roll band whose album release party is going down tomorrow tonight at Elbo Room—and yup, we’ll be on site slinging limited Elbo Room t-shirts. Definitely join us if you’re in town.

The guys of Hungry Skinny started playing their bluesy funky breed of rock ‘n’ roll in 2011 in the Tenderloin district. Countless shows, a few EPs, and a couple tours later, they’re now releasing their debut self-titled album via Bayview’s Light Rail Studios—available on vinyl and online this weekend.

For the inaugural edition of Psycho Sessions, we filmed Hungry Skinny playing two brand new tracks in our Divisadero shop on an especially sweltering September evening. Neither the shop’s hazy oppressive heat nor a bee sting (rock ‘n’ roll, man) could hinder the show. The dudes laid down some killer tunes, and also disclosed a little personal information about themselves, so enjoy and get familiar below!

All Photos & Videos by Dylan Ozanich


Introduce yourselves in a sentence.

Garrett Riley (vocals/guitar): There’s more than one way to skin a cat
Remy Vale (guitar): Who is Remington Vale?
Sean Russo (vocals/bass): Check out my profile!
Ty Thorpe (drums): Wolf in the wind.

Tell us your favorite…

Local music venue
G: Elbo Room, killer food
R: Great American Music Hall, no reason.
S: Slim’s.
T: AT&T Park

Adolescent anthem
G: Stravinsky’s “Rites of Spring”
R: “fuck” by the Beatles
S: Gangsta Gangsta – N.W.A
T: God Bless America

Drunken anthem
G: Lemme Adams’ – “Toys”
R: Kim Davis – “Eye of the Tiger”
S: R. Kelly – Ignition Remix
T: Star Spangled Banner

Dance move
G: The Mashed Potato
R: The Charleston
S: Thizzle Dance
T: The Bernie Sanders

Pre-show ritual
G: Full brazilian
R: Eightball of laundry detergent
S: Panda express and a pitcher of red wine
T: The Pledge of Allegiance

American hero
G: Neil Young
R: Celine Dion
S: Amerigo Vespucci
T: Wayne Gretzky

Prized clothing garment
G: My socks which I inherited
R: Life vest from my swim instructor
S: Bathrobe from the Phoenix Marriott
T: Blue Corduroy jacket from a homeless mannequin

Frontman or frontwoman
G: Edie Brickell
R: Freddie Mercury
S: Frank Sinatra
T: Tom Petty

Karaoke song
G: Chariots of Fire
R: “Higher” – Creed
S: “I’m Just a Girl” – No Doubt
T: “Idiot Boyfriend” – Jimmy Fallon

Words to live by
G: Treat others as you would treat someone else
R: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out
S: What’s with all the spiders?
T: Would you ask Tom Petty that question?

Hungry Skinny album release party tomorrow at Elbo Room with Hibbity Dibbity, Strange HotelAir Surgeon